Health Physics is a leading provider of Radiation Shielding Assessment and nuclear engineering design services for x-ray, nuclear medicine, PET/CT and storage facilities.  Our Team works with architects and project managers to provide shielding solutions that are fully compliant with Australian State and Federal government legislation.  We  develop Radiation Management Plans compliant with NSW EPA RG2ARPANSA RPS C-5 and QLD Health requirements.

Our staff are accredited by the Australasian College of Physical Scientists in Medicine (ACPSEM) in Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics.  We also hold Chartered Professional Engineer status with Engineers Australia.  In addition, Health Physics is accredited by QLD Health to provide premises compliance certification for x-ray, nuclear medicine, PET/CT and storage installations.

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Recent Projects

We have supplied Radiation Shielding Assessments and Radiation Management Plans on the following recent projects: